Thursday, July 30, 2015

Our Pergola: Before + After

When we first moved into our house nearly 5 years ago, the pergola was in iffy shape. We weren't sure what to do with it because it's not attached to the house so it was kind of an awkward spot for it. Our property is a corner lot and the yard is big & L-shaped. The pergola/deck sits towards the back of the yard. It once had a pool attached to it but the previous owners removed the pool and planted a tree where the pool was.

 We fixed up the landscaping around it, added mulch, some flowers, etc. This year we decided to spruce it up some more with Behr's deck over paint. I can't say I helped all that much. Saro & my stepdaughter painted it for a few days while I was at work.

Saro added some lights, a fan and bamboo (thanks to our friends who were going to chop theirs down and get rid of it!). The fan really helps with the heat and bugs!


Spring 2011 right after we moved in

Getting there. See the open area and the tree on the left? That's where the pool and ladder for pool was.



Saro closed in that open area about 3 years ago and you can't even tell it was ever open. We replaced the tree with a bird bath but then one of the plants we planted started to grow around the bath lol.

I love the look of the bamboo!

Saro also added beams going the opposite way to the top of the pergola.

Murphy loves it, too!

We definitely recommend the Behr Deck Over paint. It's not cheap! It's about $40/gallon and we went through 8 gallons. But, what a difference it made!

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  1. Wow. That is gorgeous! I am in love with your yard! Great work, guys!