Thursday, April 30, 2015

Much Needed Vacation

Our flight for Iowa leaves in a few hours. I'm excited and anxious for this trip. I'm excited to see friends and attend their wedding, visit a new place, visit with my aunt in Seattle and then my grandma in California after driving the CA coast. We have one night in San Francisco at the end of our trip and have plans to have dinner with my cousin who lives in the area that night.

It's quite a long trip - 9 nights, 4 different hotels, traveling through 6 different airports and renting 2 cars. Today, we have a 2 hour layover in Minneapolis. It'll be dinner time so that works.

I'm sad to leave Murphy (the dog). Pathetic, isn't it? My stepdaughter will be with him until Monday and then she is going to visit her Mom for a week. My Mom will have him for a night and then he's off to doggy camp. Poor guy. He's very routine so I hope he's okay! I'm sure he will be just fine.

The cat? He's probably happy we are all leaving! Grumpy cat. My mother-in-law will feed him.

I know I overpacked but I need clothes for TEN days and a girl needs options!

I can't believe a year ago today I also had a half day at work and was getting ready for our wedding weekend. We will be in Seattle for our anniversary on Monday so we look forward to a nice dinner out!

The traditional first year wedding gift is paper so I decided to get Saro these paper cuff links from Etsy. Perfect for the wedding we are attending tomorrow!

Shop here.

Stop by in 2 weeks for my vacation recap! Have a great week.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Running Club

Happy Hump Day! 

I'm starting to get vacation fever. We leave next Thursday and it's much needed!!!

Saro and I decided to join a local running club. Someone I know is in it and asked us to join. It's a minimal fee for the year and it's at a local high school on Wednesday nights near our house so we figured why not? I'm sure we can only benefit from it. Plus, it's something the two of us can do together and look forward to each week. A different sort of "date night!"

Apparently it's supposed to monsoon here in the next couple of hours but hopefully by 7:30 tonight, it'll be safe to run outside! We're looking forward to it.

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Endocrinologist Update

Every 3 months, I have to have my TSH levels checked. This time, after adjusting my meds again, they came back closer to normal which the doc says, has helped contribute to my weight loss (16 lbs since September!) I feel great and I don't really want or need to lose more weight.

I've also been off BC since November which I think has definitely helped as well. I emailed my fertility doctor yesterday letting her know I haven't refilled the prescription but that I had some questions for her. I feel great being off of it and I don't see a reason for me to go back on it since it wouldn't be for it's sole purpose to prevent pregnancy.


This year has been an emotional roller coaster. I'm glad that 1.) I'm generally healthy 2.) I have a great support system 3.) tax week is over 4.) it's Friday and 5.) we leave for vacation in 13 days!

Have a great weekend!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sunrise Run

Morning! Today, Saro and I decided to get up an hour earlier than normal to get our run in. He's working a double shift today and tomorrow and I have a dr. appt. after work today, although I might squeeze in a 21 DF workout when I get home.

It's always really hard for me to get up that extra hour earlier but more so in the winter. This morning, the birds were chirping by 5:45 which woke me up anyway so it wasn't terrible. Plus, it's a gorgeous morning and the sun was rising.

My 2 mile time was 19:49. It felt tough because I was lacking energy due to not having had breakfast yet.

I'm thinking about signing up for the Atlantic City half marathon in October and making a weekend out of it. We'll see how my body reacts to 10k training for now.

Do you prefer morning or evening workouts?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back In The Saddle Again

Hey everyone.

Yesterday, I started my 10k training for June 7th. 

A quick 2 miles and the weather was perfect. I ran it in 19:47. I got a few runs in this winter but not many. I don't like the treadmill at all! I'd rather run in the rain. Here's the schedule I made for the next 8 weeks:

Saro and I are thinking about joining a running club on Wednesday nights at a local high school track. Someone I know runs it and it's perfect timing. It starts next week. Plus, it would be something Saro and I could do together besides cooking and binge watching shows on Netflix ;-)

My cousin just ran her first half marathon on Sunday and we are thinking about signing up for one together in the Fall. I'm scared though! Click here to read my first half marathon recap.

I think since I've been doing PiYo and/or 21 DF for 10 months, I am much stronger which must help support my back and hip. During my first half training, I did cross train but not enough.

I'm down 13.5 lbs since September - 10 of those lbs. just from March 2nd and doing the 21 DF. I'm still somewhat following the eating plan. Still no cream in my coffee, etc. I don't really want to lose more weight. I feel good!

Have a good week! I'm looking forward to the end of tax week.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Step Parenting

I don't really like the term "step" because it sounds so impersonal but anyway, being a step Mom is probably the hardest thing I've ever done. Ok, it might technically be the 2nd hardest because getting an MRI is definitely #1. Just thinking about it makes me break out in hives and shudder at the thought. 

I don't take on the role of disciplinarian. I try to just be there, listen, advise when necessary and help out as best as I can. I'm working on being more vocal if something is bothering me (in all aspects of my life as this has always been really hard for me and initiates anxiety).

I've learned both good and bad about myself in the last year. The "bad" tends to bother me because it's things that I'm now learning about myself at 31. I try to put myself in Saro's shoes and also how he would act if the roles were reversed and it was my teens living with us. He's the most supportive person I know, so I try to think - what would he do? Say?

I've basically always just lived with one person. My Mom and for the last 4 years, Saro. Sharing a small space with two people has been more difficult than I initially thought. It's nothing against anyone. Again, things I'm learning about myself. For me, having the option for family or friends to sleep over was an exciting thought of being a homeowner. It's not the end of the world but just something I think about. I know in a way, I am being selfish and I will be the first one to admit it.

Add in the fertility issues and I've just been really out of it for a while now. I feel like a dark cloud is hovering and I can't seem to get out of this funk. I'm also not sure if these feelings are coming just from this or if it's hormone related, or both. 

I've been off of the pill since November and have finally been able to lose some weight and feel really good physically. I checked My Fitness Pal last night and realized I've been exercising consistently for 3 years, minus a few breaks when I hurt my back, the honeymoon, etc. It's interesting that I've finally been able to drop the weight after going off of the pill. My diet has also changed a bit but not that drastically (definitely less sugar and alcohol - two devils). I really don't want to go back on it since it won't be for the reason of avoiding pregnancy. Soon, I will get blood work done to check my hormone levels and see if I "need" to be on it and if it could be contributing to these feelings.

Right now, I'm trying to focus on the positive - exercise, running, work, friends, looking forward to our trip in a few weeks, etc. Thank GOD the weather is finally warming up. That also helps my mood.

Any readers out there who are step parents? What are your biggest challenges?

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