Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Back In The Saddle Again

Hey everyone.

Yesterday, I started my 10k training for June 7th. 

A quick 2 miles and the weather was perfect. I ran it in 19:47. I got a few runs in this winter but not many. I don't like the treadmill at all! I'd rather run in the rain. Here's the schedule I made for the next 8 weeks:

Saro and I are thinking about joining a running club on Wednesday nights at a local high school track. Someone I know runs it and it's perfect timing. It starts next week. Plus, it would be something Saro and I could do together besides cooking and binge watching shows on Netflix ;-)

My cousin just ran her first half marathon on Sunday and we are thinking about signing up for one together in the Fall. I'm scared though! Click here to read my first half marathon recap.

I think since I've been doing PiYo and/or 21 DF for 10 months, I am much stronger which must help support my back and hip. During my first half training, I did cross train but not enough.

I'm down 13.5 lbs since September - 10 of those lbs. just from March 2nd and doing the 21 DF. I'm still somewhat following the eating plan. Still no cream in my coffee, etc. I don't really want to lose more weight. I feel good!

Have a good week! I'm looking forward to the end of tax week.

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