Friday, September 25, 2015

Recent Workouts

One WOD from this week:

Strength warm up:
15 minutes to a heavy (not max) deadlift x 5 without dropping bar.
I'm still working on technique so I only did 35 lbs.

5 rounds for time:

5 power snatches (supposed to be 95 lbs but I only used the bar, 15 lbs)
10 box jumps (I scaled with step ups @ 18 inches)
200 meter (1/8 mile) run

My time was 11:38.

My coordination with the bar is still terrible right now and I'm extremely sore! I'm still getting used to it, going in the morning before work, etc.


I have a half day today so this afternoon is KAREN - 150 wall balls for time with a 14 lb. ball! Kill me now!


Last night I ran 4 miles in 43:15. I was definitely hurting from this weeks CF workouts but it was a good run with perfect weather!

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

CrossFit WOD

Last night's WOD:

200 meter run
7 push ups (I did modified)
10 kips.This was pretty much impossible for me. 

Repeat x2

10 double air squats
walking lunges across the room

400 meter run (1/4 mile)
(I couldn't get this move down. I did a push press instead and only with 25 lbs.)
30 toes to bar or 45 knees to elbows (still extremely difficult)
800 meter run (1/2 mile)
30 TTB or 45 KTE
15 push jerks
400 meter run

My time (not including warm up) was 17:54.

My coordination is pretty terrible but I still got a great workout!

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Thursday, September 3, 2015


Saro and I tried CrossFit last weekend and decided to join as a supplement to the 21 Day Fix Extreme, PiYo and running. I plan on going 2x a week. My sister-in-law has been going for a year and looks amazing.

They had an awesome Groupon deal plus 15% off of that and $10 back each from eBates ;) It was basically buy 1 month, get two months free plus 5 one on one sessions.

It's definitely a little intimidating but most new things are, I guess.

Our first work out was as a 2 person team. They start you off "easy" and you progress from there.

Between the two of us, we had to do 54 burpees (and not the ones I'm used to - you have to go all the way to floor so it's basically a burpee AND a push up), 54 butterfly sit ups (legs spread butterfly, lay down and touch the floor over your head, sit up and touch the floor passed your toes), 54 kettle bell swings (I used 18 lb, Saro used 35) - so 27 each (sounds easier than it is!) and then an 800 meter (1/2 mile) run. Phew! I was SO SORE for 3 days. It's crazy because I'm familiar with most of these moves, this is just on a more hardcore level.

We finished in about 15.5 minutes.

We have to go through Foundations to learn the proper moves and form. We did two classes this week.

Tuesday's workout was:

500 meter row on row machine
40 air squats
30 sit ups
20 ring rows (easier form of pull ups)

Wednesday's workout was:

500 meter row on row machine 
21/15/9 (3 rounds of each exercise - 1st 21 times, 2nd 15 times and 3rd 9 times)
Dead lifts (I did 35 lbs Saro 85) and then hanging from a bar, bring your knees as close to your elbows as possible without swinging too much.

It's definitely really challenging! 
Have you ever tried CrossFit?!