Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bridge to 10K - Week 1, Day 1

Hello everyone!  Well, we (my boyfriend, Saro) headed to the middle school track for week 1, day 1 of Bridge to 10K (a phone app).  It picks up where Couch to 5K leaves off.  We completed our first 5K back in June.  Shortly after, I had a knee injury (tendonitis) which prevented me from running for a couple months.  I could do a few laps but that was it.  I let it rest while still keeping active by doing other things - yoga, pilates, and some of Jillian Michael's DVDs.  My knee hasn't hurt in a good month or so, so I decided I wanted to keep going with my running journey.

Week 1, Day 1 was : Warm up walk 5 minutes, jog 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, jog 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, jog 10 minutes, walk 1 minute, jog 10 minutes, cool down walk 5 minutes.  I thought - hmm, I don't think I'll make it.  That's 40 minutes of running and I have only done about 30.  Adding an extra 10 minutes is a lot - close to another mile!  Well, 50 minutes and 4.91 miles later, we did it!  We were at each other's side the whole time and it was very motivating that way.  Saro can run a little faster than me and I kept up.  I find that when I'm alone, I run slower but I KNOW I can go a little faster.  Last night was just over 10 minutes/mile which to me, is good.  I just purchased new Brooks and arch inserts which made it a lot easier as well.  I was wearing the wrong type of shoe for my feet/step.  I went to Fleet Feet in Mahwah on Monday and watched myself run on the treadmill (they video tape you and then replay it for you) and my ankle was leaning in pretty bad.  The Brooks have a special insert to prevent that and I purchased arch supports as well.  The owner said they recommend getting new shoes every 350 miles.

Week 1, Day 2 and 3 are the same as yesterday's work out.  I think it's true what people have said - the 1st 2 miles are a warm up.  They seem to be the toughest but then that runner's high kicks in and you want to keep going.  I'm feeling good today.  My chins are aching a little bit but I also did a tough Jillian DVD on Tuesday night so it could be from that too.

Have a great Thursday!

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