Friday, October 26, 2012


Apparently our area is expecting "Frankenstorm" early next week.  We had an ice storm last Halloween and now this?!  I am sure work will be TONS of fun (sarcasm) this weekend.  I work part time at a supermarket.  We don't know why people stock up on perishable foods.  We are expecting to lose power and all of that food will go to waste.  Stock up on other things - water, canned soup, pb&j.  Just some words of advice from someone who has been in this business for 12 (!) years and has experienced dozens of times where customers panic due to do a storm :)

On another note, my shins are pretty sore so I think I'm going to rest today and tomorrow.  Running 2-3x a week is plenty for me, especially now that we're increasing mileage.

The scale hasn't moved in 2-3 weeks but overall I am happy with the 12 lb I've lost in the last few months.  This time of year is tough with the holidays and all the delicious foods.  Plus, I love to bake!  I have to say I usually don't eat what I bake though.  I'll have a piece but I'd rather give it away.

I came across this some e-card this morning and couldn't agree more.  Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I know you'll be disappointed to see it's just me commenting but I enjoyed the ecard on here.