Thursday, May 21, 2015

Running Club: 4 Miles

Last night, we went to a local park with the running club. I had never been to this one before so it was a nice change. We ran 5 laps around the pond which was exactly 4 miles. To my surprise, I ran it in 39:13! I'm aiming for a 10 min mile or better for both of my 10Ks coming up so I was happy about that.

The coach advised us to run the first half of each lap at "race pace" or a little quicker and then the last half of each lap a little slower (if we wanted to).

So far, I'm really enjoying it. I look forward to it each Wednesday. It's something Saro and I can do together and meet some new people.

They seem to do a lot of fun races together. Last year, they did a race in Long Island and then spent the day at Jones Beach. Sounds fun!

I'm really looking forward to the 10K on Memorial Day. It's in the next town over from us, about 2 miles away which is convenient. It might make the most sense to walk there, lol.

Happy Friday Eve before a long weekend!

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  1. Your running club sounds awesome! You'll have to keep posting the tips you get. I always struggle with different ways to switch up my runs.