Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We had a pretty good weekend.  It's so nice to be off for 3 days!  I got two
3 mile runs in, we did a lot of yard work and stuff around the house, saw our niece and
went to our friends house down the street for a BBQ.
We bought a lot of mulch from Home Depot (the "quick" trip that took 2 hours.  UGH lol) as well as Deck Over paint for our deck because it really needs a makeover!  I spread 4
 bags by myself while Saro was at work and I wanted to die afterwards (this was after running 3 miles, too).  I actually napped which I never do but I was feeling really nauseous.
The problem with painting the deck is power washing it and then allowing it to dry for up to a week. 
We've had a vegetable garden for 3 years but this year, decided to expand it.  We put Weed Block down and planted butternut squash, eggplant, various peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs.  I'll hold of planting lettuce until later in the summer.
Saro trimmed our neighbors shrubs that were hanging over, preventing a lot of sun from reaching the garden.  We're hoping for a good turnout this year!  It kills me to spend $1 on one pepper or tomato.  Just ridiculous.
Do you plant a vegetable garden?  What do you like to plant and then eat? :)  My favorite thing is to grow a lot of basil and make fresh pesto!
Have a good week!

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