Friday, May 30, 2014

Evening Run

I'm running a 5K on Sunday so I've been back at it since we got back from Mexico.  My back is feeling okay.  My body in general is pretty stiff.  I'm going to start stretching more.
It's crazy how much endurance you lose after taking a couple weeks off from exercising.
Anyway, last night I decided to run around my old neighborhood which is only about 3 miles from where I live now, because it's completely flat.  It's a nice neighborhood and always brings back lots of high school memories.
The weather was perfect and made a big difference from Tuesday's run when it was hot and humid.
My current neighborhood is very hilly and it makes it that much harder for me to stay at a good pace.  Some hills are okay but we pretty much live on the top of a hill so in any direction you go, you know you have to run back up it and I dread it!
We live near our town's high school but the track is crappy.  It's gravel and grass - not your traditional track.  With all the property taxes we pay, you would think they could put in a decent track!!!  I digress.
Last night went like this:
Distance: 3.1 miles
Time: 33:50
Pace: 10:55 min/mile
This is my fastest pace since 3/23/2014 (10:44 min/mi.)
It's SO hard for me to run a 5K in less than 30 minutes.  I've been "running" for over 2 years and I have yet to accomplish that but the closest was 3.1 in 30:22.  So close!
So instead of adding mileage and increasing my risk of another injury, I'm going to focus on my 5K time.
Have a good weekend!!!


  1. After taking some time off from exercising, that's still a great pace! If you keep working at it, you'll be at a sub 30 before you know it :)

  2. I hear you about how easy it is to lose your athleticism - great job on your pace!! Keep it up :)

  3. I saw you and Ang ran a 5k this weekend - way to go! And, it's so easy to lose endurance with even a short break!
    Have you tried any speed work to help with your times? It's the training I dislike the most, but is also the training that helps the most to improve times.