Monday, June 2, 2014

My fourth 5K

Yesterday, I did my fourth 5K with Angela.  It was a really nice day.  The course was pretty hilly (if you've been reading, you know I avoid hills) but I would do it again.  It was about 240 people and I came in 115th!  Ha.
Well duh, they're not free but $ goes to good causes! ;)
Distance: 3.26 miles
Pace: 10:46 min/mile
Total time: 35:06
All in all, not bad.  If it were a little more flat, I proably could have done it closer to 33 minutes or so.  I'm feeling pretty good today despite the fact that I could have used another 3 day weekend. 
I've been super tired lately.  I even napped (naps are becoming more frequent) after the race yesterday.  I go back to my endocrinologist this week and I'm going to mention the fatigue.  In the last few weeks, there has been more than one instance where I am so tired I literally can't keep my eyes open and I have to lay down.
I've been on thyroid meds for a few months so I'm not sure why just the last few weeks, it's been worse.  I feel like I've been dragging myself out of bed.  Then, I'm pretty good from 9am-2 or 3pm and I get super drowsy again.  I am pretty routine and sleep 10:30-7 every night.
Have a great week, all!

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