Tuesday, June 10, 2014

10K GWB Recap

On Sunday, I ran an unexpected 10K.  I had planned on the 5K.  The 10K was starting at 7:45am and Saro went and got in line for that one around 7:35.  The 5K was starting at 8:15 so I was just hanging around - I saw 2 of my coworkers and my aunt.
At 7:50, they had called for EVERYONE to line up, so I figured they were just starting early.  Not once did they mention it was just the 10K.  I couldn't have been the only one who started early!
So, I start running and I knew it was the 10K when we got to the END of the bridge (2 miles from the start).  I've done this 5K 2 times before and we always turn around in the middle of the bridge. 
Anyway, I did it!
Distance: 6.2 mi
Pace: 11:43 min/mi
Official time: 1 hour & 13 minutes (Map my run was way off and I did NOT go swimming in the Hudson River!)
Saro finished in 1 hour & 2 minutes and at exactly 10 min/mi!
We had fun and the weather was perfect.


  1. LOL, you didn't swim in the river? Map My Run apparently thinks you did.

  2. That's funny! Way to tough it out!

  3. Your map is hilarious!!!
    Way to finish a 10k, not knowing you were going to run it at the start!!