Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thrifty Thursday, or not?

Happy Thursday!
Today's Thrifty Thursday is brought to you by a cheap deal I got on tampons the other day at CVS.  Highlight of my week - HA!  It was the 36 pack for $3 (normally $8).
Now for the not-so-thrifty-thursday part.
I just recently updated our budget on Excel which includes a combined budget and then just mine and just Saro's.  We pretty much make the same amount of money and spend the same each month.  It's pretty really scary how quickly everything adds up.
I always read that you should have a savings which amounts to what you make in 6 months - LOL.  While this is a good idea for emergencies, lay offs (let's hope not), etc. it's not exactly realistic.
I honestly don't know what we could cut back on except going out to dinner (which is typically once/week at around $50).  I try to stock up on certificates, living social deals, etc. but of course they're not for our favorite go-to spots.  It's nice to go out once a week whether it's mid-week or during the weekend.
We could also probably cancel HBO and some other movie channels to save around (I'm guessing) $25/month.
That's about all I can think of though.  We don't shop for ourselves very often and we often put household items/needs/projects before new clothes, shoes, etc. because well, that's priority.
So far this week, I've cooked each night or had leftovers and packed my lunches.  I'm normally pretty good at this but sometimes fall off the wagon and stop for coffee more often, etc.  I consider myself lucky that my job has lunch for us 1-2x a week so that saves some time and money.
Do you find the general cost of living is super high where you live, too? 
What have you cut back on recently?

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