Wednesday, June 25, 2014

When are you having a baby?

...and it has already begun. 
I don't blame anyone for asking.  Maybe given my situation, I just know not to assume everyone CAN have kids.  Not to mention not everyone wants to. 
I have already had thoughts like - what will I do with my time?  I guess it sounds silly since I do work full time, but once someone has kids, their time - days, nights and weekends are pretty much jam packed.
We have a bunch of things we would like to do to our house (which is going to cost a small fortune), so I think I will focus on saving for that, living an active and healthy lifestyle, and traveling. 
We are I am already planning a trip next May which includes our 1 year anniversary.  Saro hasn't the first clue how to book a trip LOL.
First stop will be 2 nights in Iowa for our friends wedding, then Seattle to visit my aunt for 3-4 nights and possibly California to visit my Grandma for a few nights.  I haven't seen her in a few years so it would be nice.
So I have 10 months to plan this fun trip!  Plus work on ordering our wedding album.

 One day a time is all you can do!


  1. That may be one of my least favorite questions of all time. It's as if now that you're married everyone seemed entitled to ask really personal details.
    As for the trip to Iowa - YAY!!!! What part of Iowa will you be visiting?

  2. I hate that q! I am much more aware now that some people can't have babies, don't want to have babies or are struggling through the negative pregnancy tests and it just hurts too much to tell someone the answer.

    As for Iowa -- yay!!! Which part will you be in??

  3. I think you should work Fresno into that California trip...