Thursday, June 12, 2014

Always - Sometimes - Never

Happy Thursday!  Today is my Friday so I'm pretty excited for a 3 day weekend.  Tomorrow I took off to legally change my name and then we are heading to PA for Saro's daughter's high school graduation (I don't like the term step daughter and step Mom).  I pray it doesn't rain or else there aren't enough tickets for me to go indoors to see the graduation.  It's over 2 hours away so it's not like it can be a last minute decision if I go or not. 
I'm linking up with Erin today to share the things I always, sometimes and never do.

I always:
  • Wake up at 7:10 M-F.  The first thing I do, zombie faced, is make a cup of coffee.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Shower before work versus before bed.
  • Try to pack my lunch for work to save myself $7/day.
  • Get back to people when I say I will. (call, text, etc.)
I sometimes:
  • Wish I never started running.  I think it's a love/hate.
  • Just don't want to cook during the week, even though I enjoy cooking.
  • Leave my shoes out and then trip over them.
  • Wish the area I live in wasn't so crowded and high strung.  Everyone is in a damn rush at all times.
I never:
  • Want to have another MRI in my life.
  • Like doing the laundry.  I don't know how 2 people have so much every week.
  • Go to bed without double checking the back door to make sure it's locked.
  • Have coffee black.
Have a great weekend!


  1. I always walk around the house making sure all 3 doors are locked before bedtime and that the garage door is shut.

    I love that you get back to people when you say you will - such a pet peeve of mine to be told I'll be called right back and then the call never comes. Frustrating!!!

    Thanks for linking up! Hope the graduation goes well and you are able to attend! Is this Saro's only child? Will she be attending college in the fall? Have a great weekend!

  2. There is no way I can start any morning without a cup (ok, POT) of coffee. Things wouldn't go well if I didn't have that coffee.
    As for the running - totally love/hate relationship over here. :)