Monday, November 26, 2012

B210K, Week 2, Days 1 & 2

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Here are the last two runs.  One was on Black Friday and the other was Sunday afternoon.  I had the option to go to a friends for Football Sunday but Sunday's are the only time I really get to be at home or to do things I enjoy, or have to do (clean, laundry, etc).  I like starting a new work week with a clean house and not much to worry about.  Also, I know if I go, I will drink beer and eat bad foods which I'm trying to avoid.  I guess it's a lame excuse for not spending time with friends.  I suppose I need more self control.

My results from 11/23/12:
Distance: 5.25 mi
Average pace: 10:57/mi
Duration: 57:29

My results from 11/25/12:
Distance:  5.86 mi
Average pace: 9:43/mi (big difference from two days prior!)
Duration: 57:00
It was very cold.. about 37 degrees and the sun was setting.  After mile #1, I warmed up and it became easier to keep going.

I'm going to invest in some good winter work out clothes.  The running store, where I got my sneakers recommend non cotton clothes and socks because when you sweat, it just sticks to you.

I am very happy with these results.


  1. You are pretty much running a 10K in under an hour which is amazing. And yes, that is a lame excuse for not hanging out with friends. :)

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