Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday to Murphy

The shelter said his birthday was November 28th, 2011 but that's just a guess because they don't really know exactly how old they are when they get them.  Our dog Murphy is a German Shepherd/collie mix.  His body and features resemble that of a German Shepherd mostly but his coloring is more collie, we suppose.  He is a great dog and super fun.  Our guess is that he's about 75 lbs now.  He loves going to dog camp, bully sticks, Happy Hips treats and chewing on towels.  Just yesterday, he chewed up his crate mat that was on TOP of his crate.  He somehow grabbed it and when I got home from work, the stuffing from it was everywhere.  To date, that's the worst thing he's done!  He's tan and white.  Here's a collage :)

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