Monday, November 19, 2012

Back on Track...

...eating wise.  After throwing all of our food out due to losing power after Hurricane Sandy, we were eating out a lot.  I was waiting to food shop because we then had a snow storm!  I was afraid we'd lose power again.  Then we had company from CA and France for Saro's sisters wedding so that was more eating out, drinking wine, etc.  I signed up for another body challenge with my friend Daniela who owns and runs Bridal Boot Camp.  I have to say I've been pretty good since probably March (when we started running).  We cut back extremely on pasta, bread, ice cream, etc.  It's really about making lifestyle changes and not just doing a diet for a month and then stopping.  What's the point then?  I notice the more carbs and sugar I eat, the more hungry I am.  Example - we went out for Greek last night.  We had a few appetizers and then I had grilled chicken with pita.  I woke up STARVING this morning.  I just had two eggs and a slice of Ezikiel bread for breakfast.  Around 11 I'll have some fruit.  I know Thanksgiving is Thursday and my HS reunion is Wednesday but I will try to be as good as possible.

On another note, we went to see Loni Love at Levity Live in Nyack on Saturday with some friends.  Sydney Castillo was also there and both were super funny.  At one point, tears were coming down my face because that's how hard I was laughing.  Here is a picture:

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