Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pile On The Miles // Week 1

So far I've walked or run 11.11 miles this week. So I think I'll make a wish! Today I won't walk during lunch since it's raining. I'm doubling up and doing T25 abs + Piyo Sculpt after work. Plus the burpee challenge! So far, 85 burpees this week, 30 left. I think I will do 15 before the workout and 15 after.

Tomorrow I will need a rest day.

I'm planning on running 4 miles Saturday morning which will put me at 15.11 for the week which is more than I planned!

Daylight savings is really depressing. I hate that it's getting dark by 4:45. Yesterday I got out of work an hour early so I was able to finish my run by 5:30 which by then it was pretty much pitch black out. There are street lights but it's still kind of hard to see which is pretty dangerous!

We do have a treadmill but I absolutely hate it. The middle school in the next town over has lights at night which is where we did a lot of our half training.

Have a good day!

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  1. Check you out, ahead on mileage! I agree the time change makes it difficult to get a run in after work. But it's dark in the morning too. Grrr. can't win! At least the super dark super early only lasts a week or so! Good luck with your goal!

  2. The burpees. You are my hero.
    Way to get ahead on those miles!! And yes, DLS is the worst. I hate that it's so dark so early!! The motivation to get out for a run definitely slacks once the sun sets.