Monday, November 17, 2014

Some Updates

I definitely should have stayed in bed this morning. I woke up feeling exhausted and first thing, I spilled an entire cup of coffee all over the counter, floor and stove which then caused one of the burners to make that clicking noise (like when you turn it on). Luckily Saro was going in late today so he pretty much handled that by unplugging the stove completely. 

Pile On The Miles:
30 miles down, 20+ to go! It's supposed to be bitter cold the rest of the week so I may have to use the dreadmill. Yesterday I walked 3.5 miles at a quick pace and today, I have shin splints! It's actually harder for me to keep up a quick walking pace rather than running. I guess it's good to switch things up a bit.

My most recent run  last Wednesday was a 5k in 28:18.

Burpee Challenge:
235 down, 765 to go - OOF. They're tough! They really get your heart rate up. For me, they burn about 25 calories per 4-5 minutes. Starting today, until 11/30, I'm going to have to break them up - some in the morning, some at night.


Lastly, our puppy is 3 (or 21 in human years) this week! He's the best boy! A gentle giant. Unless you're a stranger, then he acts a little strange/protective. We believe he's German Shepherd/Dingo mix. He weighs 80 lbs. We adopted him from a shelter in North Carolina. 

He loves to play fetch with soccer or tennis balls, sleep by the dining room windows where he can keep an eye on the neighborhood, howl at Mommy to wake up at 7am on weekends (although the last few weekends he has let me sleep! Knock on wood), pumpkin & peanut butter treats, & walks with Dad. I often myself talking to him and saying things like "Murphs, you're the best puppy boy ever!" LOL he's a great listener, ha! He's very well behaved and he's never chewed furniture, shoes, etc. He has plenty of toys for that. He's not allowed on our bed or any furniture except outdoors (see bottom right picture below).


  1. Happy Birthday to Murphy! He is so cute! I love those big ol' ears. Great job with improving your 5k time, you're doing awesome!

  2. Your 5k time is great! And those burps… UGH! Way to knock those out! When my workouts call for burpees I basically want to crawl into a hole and die.
    Happy Birthday, Murphy!!!