Monday, November 3, 2014

4 Miles on Marathon Sunday

As most of you know, yesterday was the NYC marathon. I watched most of it on TV as I did last year. I don't know why but it just fascinates me. Something like 50,500 people ran it. I would love to try to run it, or rather, apply to get in and then go from there. I'm scared to train for such an event because my body is feeling really good right now and I'm not having any major aches or pains. I don't know if it's in my best interest to run for 5 hours straight. It probably isn't. Saro said he will "absolutely not" sign up for it. Hmph. He hates crowds and NYC (who hates NYC?) so put the two together and forget it.

If I WERE to ever train for a marathon, I would DEFINITELY cross train a lot more than I did for the half. For me, I think a strong core/lower back is definitely needed to run long distance. For now, I'm sticking to 3-4 mile runs.  Here's yesterday's:

I also got a 2 mile walk in during my lunch break. 6 miles down, 44 to go this month!

Have you ever ran a marathon? Would you do it again?

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  1. A full is on my bucket list. But, the training and dedication just seems so… daunting!