Monday, March 23, 2015

21 Day Fix Extreme Round 1 Recap

Good Morning!

I'm eager to share our first round results. Between Saro and I, we dropped 22 lbs. in 21 days! I lost 9 and he lost 13! I also lost some inches in my waist, hips and chest. We're feeling great and today, we're starting round 2.

I'm dropping to the lower calorie range this time around.

There were a few cheats in those 3 weeks - a couple drinks this past weekend for my friend's birthday, 3 girl scout cookies, a few bites of ice cream.

This weekend we're celebrating my Mom's birthday and next weekend is Easter so I'm sure there will be a couple cheats in there as well but for 95% of the time, I plan to stick to it.

What I try to do is if I want a treat, I'll sub out a yellow (carb) container. It seems to work.

I'm amazed that I've been able to hop out of bed before the run rises to get my workouts done. It feels good to get home after work and not have to rush to get my workout in, cook dinner, etc. Now, I can actually sit down around 7:00 versus 8:30 or 9:00.

I definitely recommend this program if you've been working out and are looking to jump start your metabolism and break that plateau. I'm not an expert but I wouldn't recommend the Extreme for an exercise newbie (maybe try the regular 21 DF first). I mainly use 8 lb. dumbbells and 5 lb. as my light weights. It's a lot of jumping (with the weights) - low and high impact. I often stick to lower impact (just not jumping as high or slamming my feet as hard when landing) due to my low back issue.

After the next 3 weeks, it'll put us right on schedule to start our 8 week training for our 10k race in June. By then, I'll up the calories again because it's 3-4 days of running per week on top of cross training and I'll need those extra carbs.

Have you tried the 21 DF and/or Extreme? If so, what were your results and thoughts on the program?

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