Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Father-in-Law

On Sunday, we went to Saro's church for mass. I always like going. We get to see some of the family and it's just nice. I was raised Catholic but we didn't attend church weekly. Only on major holidays.

We would probably go more often if Saro didn't have to work on Sunday mornings. We went because it was the 13th anniversary of his Dad's passing and he was being mentioned during mass. Saro wore his Dad's favorite suit colors - black with a red tie.

The mass is pretty long and I only understand a few words so Saro would translate here and there.

Afterwards, we stopped by the cemetery, drove through Saro's old neighborhood and then went out to lunch.

I obviously never met my father-in-law and I don't know much about him except that he was a photographer. He actually photographed one of my old manager's weddings. 
Small world!


This last year has been quite challenging, as I know life can sometimes be. 

Sunday was a really nice day and a reminder once again how short life can be and how we shouldn't take anything or anyone for granted. 

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  1. How nice that the church mentioned Saro's dad a church. And even better that you were able to spend some time with family.