Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Random Things

1.)  I am currently upset at whichever neighbor called the town to report us building our shed.  It can only be one of two neighbors because where the shed sits in our yard, it's up against their property line, too.  We followed the guidelines and obtained a permit but they still called which led to the town's building inspector come by (while we weren't home, of course) who left us a notice claiming "unauthorized to build."  But, we did have a permit - just not posted on the shed (they told us it wasn't necessary to do so).  Since living there, we haven't been too pleased with our neighbors in general and I guess I always compare it to my old neighborhood.  Which brings me to #2...
2.)  I'm looking forward to a 3 day weekend ahead which includes a night in AC (the newest and nicest resort casino is closing in 2 weeks along with 2 others) with the husband and our 10th annual block party (at my Mom's, where I lived from 1998-2011).  My Mom lives for the block party.  She's usually in charge of planning it, getting everyone together, and while I don't live there anymore, it's usually a day where I get to see a lot of my friends in the same place.  So, I'm excited for that and the weather is supposed to be nice.
3.)  I am on week #8 of Piyo and going strong.  Since starting on July 1st, I've only missed one workout.  If I do miss a day due to other stuff going on or if I have plans after work, I double up the following day.
Still no weight loss whatsoever.  I had my yearly gyno check up last week and weighed in at 158 on the doctor's scale.  I told her what I eat on a regular basis and she seemed surprised as to why I'm not losing any weight considering I exercise 6 days a week.  She told me to add more cardio.  I then explained my low back issue.  Piyo does contain a decent amount of cardio, plus I've been running 2x a week @ 2-3 miles each.  I don't want to do much more than that since my sciatica has been acting up again.
We've been having beautiful weather here in northern NJ so last night after Piyo Core, I decided to go out for a jog.  I really wanted to run 2 miles in 20 minutes or less and guess what my time was?
I blame the hills in my neighborhood!  The last 1/2 mile was all uphill.  If it were flat, I definitely would have finished in around 19:00.


  1. I am constantly comparing our new neighbors to our old ones (and we literally live just a few houses down from our old place). Our old house had THE best neighbors. The new ones? Not so much. There's nothing like having really great neighbors.
    Your run time is really good! Hills - oy. I love to hate them. :)

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