Monday, August 11, 2014

The Summer Project: Part 1

After living in our house for 2 & 1/2 years, we decided it was time for a shed.  Oh the exciting things that happen as a homeowner!  Meh.
We have a full unfinished basement for storage but it's not convenient for large items like - the lawn mower, outdoor furniture, snow blower, and other lawn/garden tools.
We went back and forth between having one built and having them drop it in our yard but it would cost almost double and we'd have to remove our fence for the truck to get to where the shed was going.
We decided on this pre-fab shed from Costco.  The price was right and Saro wanted a summer project, or so he thought, ha!  We really liked the look of this shed versus other barn looking sheds from Home Depot, Lowe's, etc.
We Saro are is ALMOST done with it.  BUT, I did help a little by climbing the ladder (hate that), holding things in place, and even using the hammer and screw gun - yay me!  Ha, reading that manual was like reading a different language to me.  Why is a 6 foot piece of wood called a double zero??  Why are some pieces nailed and others screwed?  Beats the heck outta me.
Anyway, here are the progress pictures thus far.  Lacking a picture with the roof shingles but we just have to paint it and then plant some stuff around it!  Finished product photos to follow!

Leveling out the area.

This was annoying.

Dripping sweat.  Good workout though.

Murphy wasn't much of a help.

Assuring it's level!

Hey Murph!

Measure, measure, do some math, measure.

The base.

Floor base.

Side View

He layed pea gravel for more support

Walls are up!

See?  Helping.

"Hmm, what's next?"

All in all, we would recommend this shed.  Saro just wishes he had more consecutive time to work on it rather than a day here, a day there.  Some steps definitely require 2 people. Others, not so much.

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