Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where Were You?

I was 17 years old and a senior in high school.  It's funny how we remember where we were when distinct, important things happen in our lives.  I was exiting my 2nd period phys. ed. class, walking down the main hall of my high school when I saw our vice principal standing there with a blank stare and then he spoke the words "A plane hit the world trade center."  I didn't think much of it right then.  I assumed an accident, of course.  I forget which class I went to next but the rest of the day was a blur.

I think I had a cell phone but it was a Nokia and it was probably shut off and in my car or locker.  I knew I had to get in touch with my Mom who worked IN Manhattan.  The school office was letting us call parents who worked in NY.  I got in touch with her briefly.  She told me she had no clue when she would be home but told me I needed to wait for her call and I'd have to pick her up at the train station.

I believe I picked her up at 8 or 9 that night.  My Mom said it was the scariest thing she's ever experienced.  When she got out of the building, all she saw were people running.  Running for their lives.

Today, as always, we remember those who died during the worst terror attack our country as experienced.

RIP Chuck Murphy aka "Murph"

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  1. I was cutting the hair of a state trooper, my first appt of the day. B/c I was at the salon I couldn't get to a TV to see what was really happening, just had to try to figure it out from the radio. I still cry over those lives lost, today is no different. thanks for sharing your story.