Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I need a vacation!

UGH.  I feel as though I barely slept last night.  I know I didn't fall asleep until at least 12:30 (my normal time is 10:00) and then had to get up at 6 for physical therapy.  I think watching The Following left me feeling disturbed but yet I continue to watch it.  Each episode is like watching a scary movie.
Back to PT...I just switched insurances and my new one has a $1000 deductible so they want me to get another MRI which will then take care of the deductible and I can continue PT at around $10/session.  I HATE MRI's - even open ones.  I have a lot of anxiety about other things recently and told the doctor that and that I need to think about it.  I can continue PT but it'll be $95/session until the $1000 is spent and then back down to $10.
As soon as I got in my car, I started hysterically crying.  I actually like going to PT - it's a small office and they're all so nice.  Plus, I think PT plus exercising more is helping my condition.
I wanted nothing more than to call in sick , go back home and crawl into bed, but I called in 2 weeks ago so here I am.
Like I said, I'm feeling anxious and overwhelmed with a few things going on right now and the lack of sleep didn't help how I felt this morning.
In better news, my cousin/matron of honor who has always been more like my sister found out they're having a boy!  He's due June 11th.  I will have a nephew!!  She has been calling the baby "bean" for the last few months and now it's Mr. Bean - lol.  I told him I will probably always call him "bean."
Also done with week 3 of T25 and down 2 lbs since I started.
Have a good day and here's to getting out of this terrible funk.

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