Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Non Floral Centerpieces

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

 We decided to go with non floral centerpieces.  The exception is that we might purchase some succulents for each table.
Our centerpieces are going to consist of lanterns and candles as we think it really goes well with the rustic feel of the venue.
I don't mind sharing the cost in case you're also on the fence about floral centerpieces, or are just curious.
We decided to go with these lanterns from Pier 1.  I had a coupon so they came to $13 each.  I bought thirty 3x6 pillar candles here.  
The venue will supply small votives plus there will be bottles of wine on the tables, so I really didn't want to go nuts with centerpieces.
I'm thinking 2 succulents per table (let's say $5 each roughly).
15 Lanterns $195
30 candles $100
30 succulents $150
= $445 for 15 centerpieces or roughly $30 each.
Our florist quoted us at around $150 per each floral arrangement, give or take.  So I'm looking at this as saving $1800.
I love flowers and especially her work, but it would kill me to spend that much.
Thoughts?  Would you consider non floral centerpieces?


  1. We are doing lanterns as well on the tables. But we are still having centerpieces to go along with them. I think it will end up looking nice (hopefully). Our lanterns were bought at Ross for $8.99/piece. We got a few different types and I plan on going to TJ Maxx and getting things for our head table there. It's so exciting when you have a coupon for something wedding related!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Love the idea of non-floral center pieces! If I had to re-do some wedding details I'm almost certain I would have done at least half the tables with non-floral pieces. I can guarantee not a single one of my guests remembers what flowers were in the middle of their table.

  3. What a great idea! It's still going to look incredible! Nice job with the savings!

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