Tuesday, January 14, 2014

T25 week one

Last night we did a double session of T25.  They recommend that on the 5th day each week OR workout a 6th day and stretch the 7th day.  I would rather work harder one day and have two days off :) it was definitely tough but I burned 566 calories in 56 minutes! We are recording our measurements and weight each week although I'm not going to pay much mind to the scale.  I just want to look better and that might mean becoming a LITTLE more muscular and toned.

So far I love it.  I am experiencing some hip pain but I'm used to it now. Lol.  Some soreness but that's normal!

25 minutes a day is definitely doable!  Last night we started dinner and left it going while we did the workouts.  It's convenient.  I'm looking forward to the end result in 9 weeks.

I am still jogging 2-3x a week.  The ab workout will pair well with a jog day because it's not as much cardio as the others!

I would like to post a Wedding Wednesday post tomorrow but I might wait until after the wedding to post the rest of the details!

Have a good day :)

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