Tuesday, February 25, 2014

T25 Update: 7 Weeks Down

I am still doing the T25 workouts religiously.  7 weeks down.  3 more of Alpha for the 2nd time and then 5 weeks of Beta.  I'll finish right before the wedding.  I'm feeling proud of myself that I'm sticking to it.
While the scale is fluctuating between 153 and 155, it's still down from 160 2 months ago.
In 3 weeks, I go back to my endocrinologist and I'm going to ask him more about Hashimoto's and weight.
I DO feel tighter - my legs and butt feel solid and my waist area feels and looks smaller.
I stopped running about 3 weeks ago and I haven't had any lower back or hip pain.  As much as I LOVE running, I don't think my body can handle it.  The slamming impact on the pavement is not good for my lower back.  I don't think I am one to use lame excuses as such, but it's true and I've admitted it to myself.
It's weird - T25 is a LOT of jumping so it's NOT low impact.  Jumping jacks, jump squats & lunges, burpees, etc. but besides the normal muscle soreness, I haven't had any issues.  Knock on wood!
Tonight we're going to our wedding venue to meet the new manager and to pick out our linens.
77 things checked off on my Knot.com checklist - 23 left to go!

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