Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Tonight I am getting my hair and make up trial for the wedding!  My cousin is doing my makeup and her friend/coworker is doing my hair.  If it's not too much to ask, I might ask her to try 2 different hair styles.  Even if they're not perfect, just to get an idea of how they'll both look with my veil.
I'm excited!
I won't share specifics on here because someone whose name starts with S and ends in aro is reading  ;)
Next Monday I will go for my first dress fitting.  Saro's aunt is doing the alterations.
I think I mentioned that we had to change the day and time of our rehearsal so two weeks ago I ordered new invitations.  They've been stuck in the same town for almost a week now, per the tracking details.  Hmmmm.
I'm also still waiting for the first company to send me a return label and refund me my $50 I spent on the first batch of invitations.
Too many non-convenient things are happening but I'm just trying to breathe and tell myself this is all for our marriage, and that's what is most important.
I pretty much now know why people hire wedding planners.  It's A LOT of work for a girl.  Oof.
The invitiations will be ready in 2 weeks and then I need to mail them out right away.  I'm planning on ordering photo stamps (I have a $25 off coupon which helps) but I need to wait to order them to find out how much the invitations weigh.  I am thinking I need $1.19 per, so let's see if I'm right!
Next Tuesday we're going to the venue to pick out linens.  OH and the maitre'd at our venue quit after working there for 20 some odd years, so now there is a new person to meet and re-ask the 2390482390 questions I've already asked.
We're meeting with our music MC in a few weeks.  He also informed me that they joined hands with another company but assured me everything is still the same per the contract we signed, etc.


  1. Wow! Everything is coming together so quickly! Relax and enjoy it :)

  2. How exciting! How did your trials go??