Thursday, December 18, 2014

Early Birthday Surprise

Last night, my husband told me to be ready at 5:30 because we were going out to dinner for my birthday. It's the 21st but tonight we are both not home, tomorrow we are celebrating my step daughter's 18th birthday, Saturday we are going out to dinner with the girls and our moms and Sunday he will be driving my step daughter back to PA which is a 5 hour affair. 

Anyway, I normally get home form work at 5:15-5:20 so I quickly ran in and got changed. The doorbell rang but Murphy wasn't barking so I was like what the heck? Yes, it was my husband waiting with roses. LOL. He's so cute. Then he was like "COME ON. WE HAVE TO GO!" I didn't know why we were rushing to dinner but I assumed he had plans for us after.

I knew we were going for Thai - yum. I hadn't had it in a while and enjoyed my beef mussaman. He gave me a card and told me to open it "carefully." I read what he wrote (tears)! At the bottom it said "PS - what a pretty picture *wink*" I didn't understand what that meant and then he said we were going to go paint! Pinot's Palette just opened near us. You can bring a bottle of wine and enjoy while you paint! It is so fun!! For some reason I can't upload my painting but I will try to add it later.

Also in the envelope were 2 tickets for FLEETWOOD MAC!!! I was so excited and thankful. Such awesome, thoughtful gifts. He's the best!

The concert is next month at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I can't wait!!!!! I've always loved Fleetwood Mac, especially Stevie Nicks. Growing up, my aunts and Mom were big fans so I guess that's where I get it from.

Tonight is our work holiday party at an amazing venue with great food and then I have a 3 day weekend - woohooooo!

Have a great one :)

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  1. What an awesome birthday surprise! Your husband is the sweetest!

  2. Gosh you have the sweetest husband! We are supposed to go see Fleetwood Mac in February; they're one of my favorite bands! We saw the Black Jacket Symphony a few months ago and they performed Rumours. It was so cool! Sounds like you had a great night! Happy Birthday to you!