Monday, December 29, 2014

Year In Review {2014}

2014 was a very...emotional year for me. Mainly in a good way but a little indifferent, too. As most of you know, it was the year we got married. It's been almost 8 months already! The day I had known deep down would happen since 2007 but became official in the summer of 2013. The day we had been saving every last penny for was finally here!

To date, our wedding day was and remains the best, happiest day of my life. I knew
Saro was the one for me for a long time and I felt ready. I truly feel that he's my other half. We work great together as a team, share a lot of the same likes and dislikes and we're truly best friends.

 I wasn't really nervous at all. I was more nervous for my bridal shower, actually! From the moment I woke up on our wedding day, I felt happy, excited and content. 

 The feeling I got when I peeked out and saw about 125 of our family and friends waiting to witness us get married was indescribable. Amazing. I mean, I obviously knew who was coming, who wasn't, who was there in spirit, etc. but it was just an amazing feeling and a once in a lifetime for sure. Never again will all of those people be in the same room again to celebrate us!

The best man speech was amazing and left us all in tears.

I ugly cried leaving the resort after our honeymoon. I will admit that the following weeks/months after, I almost felt...depressed. I loved planning the wedding and everything we worked so hard to save for and plan was over. It was such a weird feeling. 

Our honeymoon was nothing less than amazing. Hence the ugly cry at the end of it. If you ever want to go to Mexico, I highly recommend the resort we went to. It's called the Excellence in Playa Mujeres.


Then, 4 weeks after our honeymoon, my 18 (now 19) year old step daughter moved in with us. She came to live with us the same day she graduated high school. It hasn't been the easiest thing I've been through and I'm sure the same goes for her and my husband. 

For the last 31 years, I've only ever lived with one person - my Mom and as of 4 years ago, Saro. We live in a small house so just getting used to someone else being there, finding out each others habits, etc. definitely took some time - and it still is. Only child syndrome, much? I surely have learned a lot more about myself in the last 7 months.


I became an aunt and a godmother! Our niece was born on the day of our wedding! Our nephew was born on June 21st. They are the cutest and I can't help but smile when I'm around them! I feel very thankful and blessed that both parents asked me to be their godmother.


I hit my goal of running a sub 30 minute 5K! 29:54 to be exact! That was a huge relief and it felt great. Ask me if I've done it more than once. Nope, I haven't. 

I completed T25 before our wedding and I've also stuck with Piyo by Beachbody for the last 6 months. It's my favorite by far.

That pretty much sums up my year in a nutshell.

*I wish you all a safe, happy & healthy 2015. Cheers!*

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