Monday, December 1, 2014

POTM Recap

I reached my goal of running/walking 50+ miles in the month of November! 50.07 to be exact plus 16.5 miles spinning, a bunch of Piyo, burpee challenge (today starts round 5 - 670 down since 10/31, 330 to go in the next week - YIKES) and a few T25s for a total of 34 workouts and close to 11,000 calories burned. I can't say that any of this reflected on the scale, well, because somehow it didn't.

My longest run in a while was 5 miles in 54 minutes on Friday. My cousin asked me to sign up for a race with her but since I had work, I felt motivated to be there in spirit and decided to run my own 5 miles after work. It was cold and windy and my knees really felt it afterwards. I need to look for some fleece lined running pants for the winter!

50 miles doesn't seem like a lot but when tying it in with other activities, it is.

I pulled a glute muscle doing T25 stretch the other day and as much as I'd like to rest from exercise today, I won't. So, I'm thinking burpees and a short Piyo DVD. Tomorrow and Wednesday I have something going on right after work so unless I can drag my butt out of bed at 6, I'll rest those two days. 

Come back tomorrow for a yummy cookie recipe that's perfect for Christmas! :)

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