Friday, December 5, 2014

Glad It's Friday

The day started off a little iffy. I took Murphy out to go to the bathroom before I left for work. This is normal except I usually let him out in the yard to play for 20-30 minutes while I get ready and he barks at every kid or person walking. We live on a "rush hour" busy corner and the side street leads to the middle/high school so he taunts the kids and they taunt him back.

Lately, he's been scared to go out in the morning. He will pull back, wanting to stay inside so I've been taking him out near the front yard. He's pretty skiddish around people he doesn't know and he nipped at one of my friends once because she put her hand out in front of him, even though I tell everyone who comes in our house to completely ignore him and eventually, he will come around. You're coming in to HIS house and sometimes he doesn't like it.

This morning I was walking him alongside our yard, on the side street and a lady (who I often see walking) was walking toward us. She's not very friendly as I've said hi to her a few times and she keeps her head down. Today she couldn't avoid me. She was looking down and I still said "Good Morning!" She replied with Good Morning and right then, Murphy went to jump on her. I reacted very quickly and pulled his leash back (he has a choker collar to prevent him from dragging us while walking him). No, it's not mean. She kept walking at her usual quick pace and mumbled something. I said "I'm really sorry about that!"

Geesh, I felt terrible but glad I reacted quickly and he didn't take her down or anything like that.

 I know not everyone owns or even likes dogs but whenever I see a person from a distance walking a dog, I try to avoid them or at least give some distance because obviously, you never know what could happen. This is pretty much the reason I don't walk him alone, without Saro. He's 85 lbs. and it's hard for me to control him.

He's a big, 85 lb. baby and he's very attached to Saro and I. Similar to a shy toddler, he even tries to hide behind me if he doesn't feel comfortable. It's good to know he would protect us if we WERE in danger but I wish he knew not everyone who approaches is dangerous!


The day got better when I arrived at work and saw chocolate on my desk with a note from my boss, inviting us all to happy hour next week! Sweeeeet.

Looking forward to girls night with some friends tonight!

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Walking our dog is one of my biggest anxieties. He is the sweetest, but he's big, and his bark is big (he's just saying hello - very loudly!). And, when he gets excited he wants to rush you. If you didn't know my dog, or didn't like dogs, his approach could be very scary. I've often thought about getting a choke collar, and I think we've gotten to a point where we simply can't avoid it - there are just so many other people with (very small) dogs around us, that I think it's become necessary.