Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Decor & Deer Sighting

If you follow me on Instagram (rayac1221), you've probably already seen these but if not, here's how we decorated for Fall.  I don't love many Halloween decorations (think ginormous blow up things on people's lawns that just freak my dog out - sorry if you're a fan of them), but we have a few knick knacks and a wooden pumpkin ghost my Mom let us borrow.


Second, Murphy spotted a family of deer in our neighbors yard.  I was in the bedroom watching TV and he kept looking out, then looking at me for a good 10 minutes or so.  Finally, I looked out and saw 3 deer grazing.  He knew they weren't dogs or else he would haev been barking his head off.  He was SO quiet.

Lastly, Tux adores Saro. 

Have a great week!  Enjoy the day if you're one of the lucky ones off of work today :)
Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween?

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  1. I got a pumpkin the other day while pumpkin picking. It's sitting on my kitchen counter. Does that count as decorating for fall?