Tuesday, October 29, 2013

One Year Since Superstorm Sandy

A year ago today, Superstorm Sandy slammed into the East Coast, causing severe damage to the NJ shore, Staten Island, Manhattan, DC, New England, etc.
Thankfully, we had no damage to our house but we had a few huge trees and tree limbs fall down.  The wind that night was so scary.  I thought for sure a tree would come crashing down onto the house or through a window.  Last year, I posted this recap, including photos.
We lost power for 4 days but we didn't lose hot water.  We played lots of Scrabble and drank lots of wine that week.  Stores were closed and without power for days or even weeks.  It was such a weird feeling.
A year later, people are still affected from this gigantic and devastating storm.  Over the summer, I drove through parts of the NJ shore where I spend a lot of time in the past; mainly my teens and early 20s.  Some of the houses look like they were picked up from the wind and slammed back down.  They were completely destroyed.  Some other houses only had one or two walls standing up.
We can only hope something like that never happens again!
Were you affected, or know someone who was?

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