Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Grass Fed/No Wheat/No Dairy Debate

Happy Tuesday, all!  I woke up this morning thinking it can't ONLY be Tuesday.  Last night I had that moment where I was too lazy/relaxed on Sunday to do 5 loads of laundry so I put it off until Monday.  Monday night came and I had to force myself.  If I didn't have to dress up for work, I'd probably do laundry twice a month.  Or, if I had a larger wardrobe - ha.

Anyway, today I'm wondering about this whole grass fed/no wheat/no dairy diet that seems to be everywhere lately.  I've come across a few blogs and Facebook pages of people who follow this "diet" aka the Paleo diet.  Eating only meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.  Whatever the cave men ate!

I actually do try to avoid OVERLY processed meat, bread, pasta, too much sugar and dairy.  I've been doing so for close to a year.  Sure, there are the occassional splurges and I do use cream in my coffee (1 tbsp).

A lot of cows are corn fed and apparently corn is one of the most processed "foods" out there, not to mention starchy.

I've read a lot about this stuff recently, but I don't have enough knowledge to preach.  I was just wondering if it's all hype.  I mean, I don't think so by looking at the obesity and diabetes rates in the U.S.

There's always something "new" in the news.  Eggs are good, eggs are bad.  Whole wheat is good, whole wheat is bad.  Nuts are healthy, nuts are difficult for your stomach to digest.  Heavy cream/whole milk is fattening but not processed so it's better than skim milk, & the list goes on & on.

I read something just last week that said there has been an 70-80% increase in the amount of product in a supermarket versus 50 years ago.  This seems about right.  Years ago, they had small markets, butchers, dairy farms, etc.  Now, I go into Stop & Shop and get lost.  It's so big, you can barely see the other side of the store from one end.

So, what's your opinion on this?  Do you eat this way?  Do you read the ingredients before throwing something in the shopping cart?  Do you buy organic vs. regular?

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