Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I'm really hoping it doesn't rain today while the kids are trick or treating.  Last year was Hurricane Sandy and in 2011, it snowed here on Halloween.  It was too dangerous to be out because the leaves were still on the trees and the snow/ice was weighing them down, as well as power lines.
Murphy has a Halloween party at Camp Bow Wow today - LOL.  I wasn't about to spend $ on a dog costume so off he goes (not happily) with my old Osi Umenyiora jersey on.  I'll have to check their cameras on their website to see whether or not he keeps it on - ha!  Poor pup.

The face kills me.  Ears down = not happy.
Have a fun and safe Halloween!  I'll be resisting the urge to have some Reese's & Take Five today.

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