Friday, November 1, 2013

Pile on the Miles; November Challenge

I hope you all had a nice Halloween night.  I came into work and saw this on my desk:

Since Saro worked late, I hung out at my Mom's, knowing she's really into Halloween and gets a lot of trick-or-treaters.  She had over 100!
I left a bowl of candy out and came home to this:

I just hope it wasn't one group of kids that took almost all if it!
I'm joining Monica over at Run Eat Repeat for this November challenge.  At first I said I'd do 60 miles; 2 miles/day but I know some days I won't be able to as November is a pretty busy month.  So I still plan on 60 (or more) but I'll be walking, not running.  Maybe towards the end, I'll be able to jog one or two.  I've been doing my 5 lb. weights at home and trying to strengthen my core which is probably the worst part of working out.  I find it very difficult and with my hip pain, it's not easy to do a lot of ab exercises.
There is still time to sign up on her page.  Check it out!  Have a great weekend.

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