Friday, November 22, 2013

Call Me Betty Crocker

My cousin (and Matron of Honor) is hosting her first Thanksgiving this year and I offered to make the desserts.  I was telling my coworker about it and he was like "Where are you buying the desserts from?"  LOL.  No, no.
Here's what's up on the dessert menu:
(This one is a little intimidating.  Springform pan, in a roasting pan, and add water while it bakes?!)
Traditional Apple Pie (one with nuts, one without)
I am planning on baking Wednesday when I get home from work.  The night before Thanksgiving has always been a big "going out" night with friends so we will see on that.
I think I will make the cheesecake Thursday morning.
I know I always say this, but the Holidays really seemed to creep up QUICK this year.  Only 4 more weeks until Christmas!  Also only 27 more days in my 20s!  Yikes.
Do you like to bake or cook?  Both?  Neither?  :)

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