Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Lunch That Wasn't: Office Problems

This is partially funny but partially annoying because my cheap ass thrifty self had to pay $7.99 for a salad for lunch yesterday.   See also: saving for the wedding problems.
Yesterday around this time, I was all excited to heat up my spaghetti squash and homemade meatballs for lunch.  What I found was my container looking like it had been through a tornado, complete with tomato sauce dripping down the sides and all over the fridge and floor.
Huh, this isn't how it looked this morning, I thought to myself.  As I looked even closer, I noticed a meatball was missing!  You see, I packed three, not two.  Well I certainly wasn't going to eat it now that I'm assuming it all fell out and someone put it back in the container - LOL.  Or, they ate one of the meatballs.  Or, just one meatball fell out and they discarded it.  It's a mystery!!
So off I went, to purchase a salad.  God forbid I skip a meal, ha!  Maybe then I'd lose a few lbs!
I work with about 100 people and as I'm sure it was an accident, I won't know who caused "the lunch that wasn't."
That's all I've got on this fine Tuesday afternoon.

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