Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Make Money Shopping Online!!

Good Morning all!
I'm sure I've mentioned Ebates on the blog before (Thanks to Mean Ang for introducting me to it!) but I wanted to share this link in hopes that you'll sign up.  If you sign up via the link below, you can then invite your friends to sign up and make some extra $ for the holidays (and/or after, to pay off your bills!) 
Last year, I received $97 cash back just for clicking the mouse and shopping through Ebates.  It couldn't be easier.
I also received $125 cash back for booking our honeymoon through Ebates on Travelocity.  You can't beat that!  There's no fine print or "catch."  They will either mail you a check every 3-4 months or you can have them deposit $ directly into your Paypal account.
 Happy Holiday $hopping! 

1 comment:

  1. hi Rachel

    great post about ebates, have you tried any other cash back sites like mrrebates.com , fatwallet.com (owned by ebates as well), or pandacashback.com ?

    if not, I would recommend check them out as well. I haven't used ebates much in the past, but i have been on the others and i love earning rebates when i shop online through them