Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

The long weekend was great.
Friday, we hosted Friendsgiving at our house.  We made turkey breast and mashed potatoes and everyone else brought a side dish or dessert.  LOTS of laughs and plenty of food.  We had a great time.
Saturday, Saro and I went for a nice long 4 mile walk (10.42 miles total between Sat, Sun and Mon!).  Then, my cousin and her husband came up and stayed over since we were all heading to CT for our uncle's surprise party on Sunday.  We went out for Lebanese food which was yummy!
Here's the gift we put together for our Uncle.  A bloody mary basket! 
He loved it.  He was SO surprised.  He stood in the doorway for a good 5 minutes beacuse he was so shocked about the party!
Yesterday, Saro and I were both off and I had that dreaded doctor appointment that I mentioned on here last week.  It was pretty much what I expected to hear.  They were all very nice there.  I had a bunch of blood work done and I need to go back for more on Friday (since I'm in the placebo week on the pill and it's the best time to test hormones).
At this point, we pretty much know that if we REALLY want a baby, it would have to be via egg donor or adoption.  We aren't sure if we want to do either one.  It's a lot to consider mentally, emotionally and financially ($20,000 or more).
The blood work is basically to find out why this happened at such an early age (autoimmune disorder, chromosomes, etc.)  I cringe at blood work - not because of blood OR the needle but because I hope I don't get a hefty bill from it all.  That's the last thing I need to worry about right now but, it is what it is and needs to be done.
I also had an ultrasound which confirmed that my ovaries aren't visible at all.  No ovaries = no eggs.  It is very strange and rare but not impossible.  It will be nice to hopefully get some answers in the next couple of weeks.
Lastly, here's me swinging at the park yesterday after a 4 mile walk!

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