Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hug Six Times a Day

It's Thursday already..woohoo!
Last night we met with a priest who is able to marry couples outside of the Roman Catholic church.  He's a priest but more modern and willing and able to marry couples outside of the church.  We sat with him for close to 2 hours and we both really liked him.  He's in his mid to late 60s and is from Chicago.  He has done 102 marriages so far this year and he teaches at a local university.
I wanted to write down a few things he said so I figured, why not on the blog?
1.  Hug at least 6 times per day.  Once in the morning and at night and 4 times in between.
2. Spend 10 minutes per day talking to each other.  It can't be about work, money, TV, movies, phone, internet, friends, family, etc.  It can only be about the two of you and how you're currently feeling in the marriage. 
3.  Don't let resentment build up over silly things.  Like leaving clothes all over the floor or leaving the cap off of the toothpaste.  Being that we already live together, I know what he means and I told him I KNOW and admit that I have annoying habits (leaving shoes out for everyone and their mother to trip over).  Our house isn't big by any means so I feel that it's more work to keep it tidy and looking neat.  I've been working on this lately.. like not letting dishes pile up or letting mail pile up on the kitchen table!
4.  Communicate.
5.  Trust is THE most important thing.  Seems obvious but it's true.  In 6.5 years, I can confidently say that I've NEVER once doubted Saro or not trusted him. 
6.  Do NOT stress about a wedding rehearsal.  If we do end up having him do our ceremony, he most likely won't be at the rehearsal, LOL.  He says it's unnecessary stress and worry and that no one even pays attention to it anyway. 
We are planning on doing a quick walk through (with or without him) followed by a dinner.  Plus, we have a crap load of stuff to drop off at the venue.  The dinner is more to add to the fun of the whole weekend which I'm looking forward to.
He also asked each of us why we want to marry each other.
If we choose to "hire" him, we'd like to meet up a few more times to chat and get to know each other a little better.  He lives close to us which is a plus.
Pile on the miles update: 42.06 miles since 10/27.  10 more days to go!  I'm planning on 2 during lunch today and 2 after physical therapy, on the treadmill.  Since I'm off two days next week, I'm shooting for 4 miles on each of those days.
Have a good day!

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  1. My best marriage advice is to communicate about everything, don't hold it in, just talk about it all!!! Kiss and hug a LOT!!!! And ALWAYS laugh!!! it's the best medicine! Follow that advice and you'll be married til death do you part! Promise! :)