Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Post: Part Two

Happy Monday, all!  I'm looking forward to a busy week, a half day Friday and being off next Monday!
A couple of months ago I wrote this post about not being able to conceive children.  I belong to a support group on Facebook but lately I've been thinking about checking out local meetings, if they even exist.
I know right after we get married, the questions will arise about having a family.  I've just been thinking about the word family.  To me, Saro and his girls are already family.  Add in our cat and dog and bam, a bigger family.  Ha.  I know they're not the same as a human child, really I know but for ME, they're like my kids.
I just wonder how other people have handled a situation like mine.  Some people might not know they cannot conceive until after they get married and are actually trying.  My case is pretty extreme - to find out at the ripe age of 16.  Not exactly "normal" - whatever that means.  I try to avoid using the word normal.
Anyway, I'm going to see a specialist next Monday when I'm off.  I'm not looking foward to it because I'm partially in denial and just don't want to deal and partially because it's an extremely long appointment.  I know I need to find out if I have ANY eggs at all but I most likely already know the answer, so why waste the time?  Stubborn, I am.
I know that people GENERALLY marry to have a family.  Not always though, I'm aware and it's obviously not the case with us. 
I'm already thinking about what my response will be when people start to ask me when we're having kids.  Do I say "well, I can't have kids?"  I don't want to make people feel bad or uncomfortable but it is the truth.  For some, I won't be able to dance around the question forever.  Like coworkers, etc.
I also keep telling myself that everything happens for a reason.  I told Saro maybe we are meant to be world travelers!
If you made it this far, thanks for reading.  Have a good week and if you're off of work today, I'm jealous ;)  Enjoy!

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