Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Strengths & Weaknesses

Personality strengths and weaknesses, we all have them so I figured I would share mine.  

My strengths:

  • Reliable
  • On time - work or anywhere.  I have anxiety if I'm late.
  • Loyal friend
  • Committing to something
  • Motivated
  • Getting back to people when I say I will
  • Not sugar coating things - this is a work in progress
My weaknesses:

  • Shy/Timid (still at 30)
  • Sensitive
  • I have a hard time letting things go
  • Feel the need to explain myself when I definitely don't have to
  • Talking in front of a group/having all eyes on me
  • Being too hard on myself

It's not easy to write these about yourself!  I know I have more but these are the ones that come to my mind first.

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  1. I have the worst anxiety when it comes to being on time, for any and everything! I'd much rather be an hour early than 2 minutes late.
    Letting things go - that's a tough one for me too. Scott is so much better at that than me, and so often he'll say, "Just let it go." And I look at him like he's speaking a foreign language.

  2. I also shy and timid! I'm guessing that this isn't something that I'm just going to grow out of, or I probably would have by now (I'm 27).