Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: No More To-Dos

Our thank you notes are finally signed, sealed and delivered!  Phew.  We decided to do photo post cards from Zazzle and hand write a note to everyone.  

*Tip: if you're currently planning your wedding, don't forget to factor in a few hundred dollar$ just for postage for save the dates, invitations, RSVPs and thank yous.

We actually do still have to order our wedding album but the prices are scary.  My cousin made us a phenomenal wedding/honeymoon scrapbook but I would still like to get the professional album.

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  1. congrats on being done with everything! i love the postcard idea and will probably do something similar. they are so cute and easy to mail. i just found this site, and their books look great. I was just randomly looking them up one day and found it, maybe it will be cheaper than what you were looking at.

  2. I STILL have thank you notes to write!

    I agree with you, album prices are crazy expensive! I knew I wanted real photos in our album and our photographer doesn't offer that option. Instead I bought a small album off Etsy and put prints instead. We were able to fit around 130 4x6 prints (more than the website says will fit), and the prints were gifted to us by our photographer. Here's the album I got:

  3. I want a professional album, too, but yeah they are so pricey! I think we will get one, but maybe next year or for Christmas or something. Your thank you cards turned out so nice! Beautiful photo!