Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Runs, Buns, Guns and Ab Challenge

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend.  I sure did.  We went to a BBQ and celebrated a friend's surprise 30th birthday.  One cup of sangria and I was toast.  Literally that stuff was super strong.
It's also been the hottest it has been all summer here in NJ.  July and August were mild - in the 70s and 80s.  Today?  It's 92 and will remain hot for the rest of the week.  Go figure.
I was able to get four runs in last week, despite the heat:
Distance: 2.3 mi
Pace: 11:00 min/mi
Total Time: 25:49
Distance: 2 mi
Pace: 9:55 min/mi
Total Time: 19:51
Distance: 2.7 mi
Pace: 11:13 min/mi
Total Time: 30:03
Distance: 2 mi
Pace: 10:53 min/mi
Total Time: 21:49
As you can see, my pace is never the same.  I think it depends mainly on the weather and my energy level.  I definitely do better in the cool weather and when I've eaten within 2 hours.  If I run right after work, it's around 6:00.  I have lunch at 12 and a small snack around 3 so that's a pretty big gap.
On another note, I signed up on Facebook for this Buns, Guns and Ab challenge through my Beachbody coach.  It started yesterday, but feel free to join and start today!  The leg lifts are done by laying on your back and lifting your legs up and down (together).  It's killer!  I'm doing 3 sets.
Here's the schedule:

Have a great evening!

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  1. It's been SO hot here, too. But, way to get out there and knock out the miles!!