Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fashion Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!
Fashion.  I'm not really into it - mainly because I don't follow what's "in" and what's not.  I like to look nice and on occasion, get dressed up.  Before I started my current job, I spent a decent amount of money on new clothes.  We are expected to dress up every day.  After a while, it gets annoying (and expensive!).  I end up wearing the same 3-4 pants, 4-5 shirts and couple of skirts or dresses every week.  Bleh.
I did love my dress that I picked out for my bridal shower though!  I can definitely wear it to work with a cardigan over it.  That was a rare find at Macy's for around $30 on sale and after a coupon (Duh).
I found this dress on Modcloth (2% back from Ebates) yesterday (shopping for my bachelorette party) and fell in love with it right away.  I told Saro about it but that I wasn't sure because of the price. 
Well, he bought it for me!  What a nice fella.  I can't wait to try it on! :)
I wanted something white-ish for the party but not all white.  I think this is exactly what I had in mind.
I'm not going to shop for a rehearsal dinner dress.  Or rather, lunch, since that's what we're doing.  During the day, it'll be more casual and I know I have a couple of dresses at home for that!
Have you ever shopped on Modcloth?  I love it!  Their prices are pretty reasonable.
Come back tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday:  The Invitations!

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  1. Very cute dress, Rachel! I love Modcloth but haven't bought anything from them (scared to shop online!). This would look cute with blue pumps ("something blue"). Love you!