Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Things I Could Never Quit Link Up

Happy Tuesday!
Today I'm linking up with a fellow bride blogger, Morgan at Believe In The Sparks - to list the things I could never quit.
So here goes.
I could never quit...
1.)  Talking to my "puppy boy" Murphy like he's an actual baby.  I just can't.  His face and mannerism's kill me.
2.)  A job without finding a new one.  This has nothing to do with my current job but I just thought of that.  It's hard to find a job nowadays!
3.)  Coffee with Half and half.  I've tried almond milk, skim milk, Skim Plus half and half, just black - GROSS.  I don't think 2 tbsp. per day will kill me.
4.)  Looking for coupon codes before shopping online or printable coupons before I go to a store.  Once you start couponing, you never go back!  I would literally never go to Bed Bath & Beyond without a 20% off coupon.  Sorry not sorry.
5.)  Calling Saro "Seero."  It's been 7 years now and I just don't see that changing.  Lol I honsetly don't even remember how it started.
Come back tomorrow for Wedding Wednesday: My Bridal Shower!!!  Here's a sneak peak.

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  1. You need to teach me your couponing ways!! Thanks for linking up!